Busser-Restaurant TAO Group Hospitality CHI


Full Time • TAO Group Hospitality CHI
Overview: A Busser resets tables in a speedy professional and effective manner as guests leave the restaurant and provides support to the restaurant staff. 
Job Description:
·       Portrays a positive and professional attitude.
·       Works as part of a team.
·       Provides help and support to all fellow colleagues.
·       Communicates to FOH and BOH support staff including managers, servers and chef.
·       Learns and teaches fellow colleagues. (Learn by listening, teach and lead by example).
·       Properly sets-up station and sidestations including: 
·       Squares-off seats, tables, makes sure all tables and chairs/banquettes are clean and free of debris
·       Helps waiters set table with proper place settings
·       Wipes down chairs and table bases
·       Stocks sidestations with appropriate materials   
·       Performs opening sidework as described for specific sections
·       Attends and participates in daily pre-meal meetings.
·       Provides professional and exceptional guest service.
·       Deliver (as directed by server), fill, and re-fill water as needed.
·       Table maintenance and bussing of excess tableware.
·       Clears empty glasses, dirty plates, and used silverware.
·       Cleans and wipes tabletop and keep free of debris and food.
·       Helps set table for next course (apps, entrees, desserts).
·       Clears and resets tables after guests have left.
·       Performs shift opening and closing sidework as described.
·       Previous hospitality experience preferred.
·       Previous busser experience preferred.
·       Experience in a high volume restaurant is a must.

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