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Full Time • TAO Group Hospitality CHI
Overview: A Busser resets tables in a speedy professional and effective manner as guests leave the restaurant and provides support to the restaurant staff. 
If you are hired, we will require proof that you have received the COVID-19 vaccine or that you have a valid religious or medical reason not to be vaccinated..
Job Description:
·       Portrays a positive and professional attitude.
·       Works as part of a team.
·       Provides help and support to all fellow colleagues.
·       Communicates to FOH and BOH support staff including managers, servers and chef.
·       Learns and teaches fellow colleagues. (Learn by listening, teach and lead by example).
·       Properly sets-up station and sidestations including: 
·       Squares-off seats, tables, makes sure all tables and chairs/banquettes are clean and free of debris
·       Helps waiters set table with proper place settings
·       Wipes down chairs and table bases
·       Stocks sidestations with appropriate materials   
·       Performs opening sidework as described for specific sections
·       Attends and participates in daily pre-meal meetings.
·       Provides professional and exceptional guest service.
·       Deliver (as directed by server), fill, and re-fill water as needed.
·       Table maintenance and bussing of excess tableware.
·       Clears empty glasses, dirty plates, and used silverware.
·       Cleans and wipes tabletop and keep free of debris and food.
·       Helps set table for next course (apps, entrees, desserts).
·       Clears and resets tables after guests have left.
·       Performs shift opening and closing sidework as described.
·       Previous hospitality experience preferred.
·       Previous busser experience preferred.
·       Experience in a high volume restaurant is a must.

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