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Maitre D

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Maitre’ D

Overview: A Maitre D’ is the first person our guests come in contact with as they enter the restaurant and the last person they see when they leave. It is imperative that their first and last impression is a positive one. The Maitre D’ is a major part of creating the culture of our restaurant and, by extension, our company. They should be able to make each and every guest, from the most well known person to the least, feel like the most important guest in our restaurant. 
If you are hired, we will require proof that you have received the COVID-19 vaccine or that you have a valid religious or medical reason not to be vaccinated.

Job Description:
·         Leader of the front door, the Maitre D’ is the point person for all hosts.
·         Make the extra effort to be sure every guest is comfortable and well taken care of.
·         Maintains a friendly, polite demeanor to all guests at all times under all circumstances.
·         Hires, trains and schedules all hosts and reservationists.              
·         Plots out each night’s floor plan and server rotation.
·         Maintains running rolodex of all VIP clients and their preferences.
·         Monitors the walk-in wait time and passes the information onto guests.
·         Assists in crowd control as necessary.  Assists management as directed.
·         Ability to maximize cover count per night.
·         Makes self available to VIPs and celebrities for priority and personalized accommodations with reservations.
·         All guests must be dealt with in a manner consistent with our standard of providing quality products and services.
·         All actions must be taken with the guest’s best interest in mind, so as to continue to build new business and to avoid customer complaints.
  • Previous Host experience.
·         Must be able to read, understand and communicate English.
·         Able to work independently while accepting direction.
·         Able to be polite, yet forceful, under sometimes-adverse conditions.
·         Able to remain conscientious in a high volume, fast paced environment.
·         Able to remain calm, cool, and collected at all times, even when faced with adverse guest situations.
Compensation: $18.00 - $20.00 per hour

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